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Rent an apartment for your vacation in Jesolo Lido

Jesolo Lido offers a wide range of apartments and houses for your beach holidays during the summer season, just a short walk from the sea and often with a private pool.
In our portal, you will find over 500 rental apartments in Jesolo, including residences with swimming pools, seafront apartments, near Piazza Mazzini or along Via Bafile.
Renting an apartment has always been the ideal solution for unforgettable vacations with family or friends.
There are several advantages to choosing an apartment over a hotel for your holidays.
Here are some reasons:

  • 1. Privacy: Apartments offer more privacy compared to hotel rooms. You'll have your personal space without sharing common areas with other guests.
  • 2. Flexibility: Apartments often provide greater flexibility in terms of schedules. You can cook meals at your convenience without adhering to restaurant meal times.
  • 3. Costs: In many situations, apartments can be more cost-effective, especially when traveling with a group or family, allowing you to split the expenses.
  • 4. Local Atmosphere: Living in an apartment allows you to immerse yourself better in local daily life. You can shop at local markets and experience the culture in a more authentic way.
  • 5. Space: Apartments typically offer more space than hotel rooms, especially if they have multiple bedrooms and common areas.
  • 6. Authenticity: Choosing an apartment can provide a more authentic experience, allowing you to live like a temporary resident in the area rather than just a tourist.
  • 7. Planning Flexibility: You can plan your time more flexibly without worrying about hotel schedule restrictions.

Naturally, the choice between an apartment and a hotel depends on your personal preferences, the type of trip you're taking, and the specific needs of your vacation.

Choosing Jesolo Lido for your summer vacation comes with several advantages:

Jesolo Lido is one of the main destinations for beach tourism in the Veneto region. Unlike other locations along the Venetian coast such as Caorle, Bibione, and Eraclea, Jesolo Lido is more oriented towards entertainment and everything 'beyond' the beach.
In fact, since the 1970s, it has been a magnet for the young crowd, offering vibrant nightlife, making it the most dynamic on the Venetian Riviera. However, the entertainment appeals to all ages due to the diverse array of shows and events throughout the summer.
Choosing Jesolo Lido for your summer vacation undoubtedly offers the following advantages:

  • 1. Charming Beaches: Jesolo Lido is renowned for its long stretches of golden sandy beaches, perfect for relaxation and soaking up the sun during the summer holidays.
  • 2. Vibrant Nightlife: The area offers a lively nightlife scene with numerous bars, venues, and nightclubs, making it ideal for those seeking entertainment after sunset.
  • 3. Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Jesolo Lido is family-friendly, providing a welcoming atmosphere and a wide range of activities for both adults and children.
  • 4. Abundant Entertainment: In addition to beaches, Jesolo Lido provides multiple entertainment options, including theme parks, water parks, cultural events, and shows.
  • 5. Proximity to Venice: Being close to Venice allows for day trips to explore one of the most captivating cities globally.
  • 6. Delicious Cuisine: The region boasts various restaurants, pizzerias, and gelaterias where you can savor delightful Italian cuisine.
  • 7. Diverse options of apartments and residences: You will find a wide range of accommodation options, including beachfront apartments and residences with a pool for rent at affordable prices, suitable for various needs and budgets.
  • 8. Events and Festivals: Jesolo Lido hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the summer, providing a dynamic and engaging experience.

Jesolo Lido offers a blend of natural beauty, entertainment, culture, and relaxation, making it a captivating destination for summer vacations.

Tips for a Peaceful Holiday in an Apartment in Jesolo Lido.

It's sad, but not uncommon, to see couples or entire families searching for apartments which, after having already paid, they discover do not exist.
Often, these individuals end up desperately turning to agencies, which, however, frequently have no availability left.
Here are some tips to avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy a smooth holiday in Jesolo Lido:
  • 1. Be skeptical of overly convenient offers.
    A very low price should ring alarm bells. Usually, rents for quality apartments, especially those in complexes with a pool, align with those proposed by agencies.
    Opting for rentals from private individuals does not necessarily guarantee savings and could put your holiday at risk.
  • 2. Use reliable sites.
    Choose reliable online platforms that strive to maintain a solid reputation.
    Steer clear of unprofessional sites and social media ads, where reliability often leaves much to be desired. Our JesoloHolidayRent portal has been in the Jesolo Lido rental market for over 10 years and features
    over 600 apartments managed by real estate agencies with decades of presence in the Jesolo Lido real estate market.
  • 3. Verify the Authenticity of the Listing.
    It's quite simple to perform a preliminary check to see if the apartment for your holiday in Jesolo is a fake.
    Search for the listing's images on the internet; if the photo is original, you will find the same apartment perhaps on another site, if instead, the pictures are chosen "at random", it's evident something is amiss.
    You can perform the same test with the text of the description, which is often copied as well.
  • 4. Limit yourself to paying the deposit
    The deposit is required to secure the booking, but it must not exceed 30% of the total booking amount.
    Payments should be made through a traceable system, for example, a bank transfer that can be traced back to an Italian bank account (just verify the IBAN on your home banking)
    Be wary of those who ask for payments on rechargeable cards or other difficult-to-trace systems.

Finally, keep all communications (emails, messages, numbers, etc.) in case of problems upon arrival.
These will be essential for reporting any scams to the authorities. By following these tips, you can enjoy a holiday in Jesolo Lido without any nasty surprises.