In Jesolo All Year Round

Renting an apartment in Jesolo Lido means immersing yourself in the vibrant life of the largest city dedicated to beach tourism in the Veneto region!
In Jesolo, there are numerous attractions for spending interesting days, in addition to relaxing on the beautiful Jesolo beach.
While bad weather may occur, in Jesolo, there's no need to stay cooped up in the rented apartment; in fact, there's so much to do, both for adults and children, day and night. In recent years, even during the Christmas holidays, Jesolo has set new attendance records, thanks to Christmas markets and other events that keep the city lively in the winter.
Many agencies in Jesolo offer short-term apartment rentals even during the winter, precisely because "Jesolo even at Christmas" is becoming increasingly popular.
Here, you'll find a list of the main attractions and information on interesting events or festivals that will help you choose an exciting time to rent an apartment because Jesolo is not just July and August!
Personally, I only advise against the period from mid-October to the end of November, a time when the locals take their vacations.

Main Attractions in Jesolo

  1. Pista azzurra
  2. Caribe Bay
  3. Tropicarium Park
  4. Sand Nativity Jesolo
  5. Lagoon of Venice:
  6. The Beach
  7. Jesolo by Night

Parco acquatico Caribe Bay Jesolo

Caribe Bay

Caribe Bay is one of the largest water parks in Italy and is located in Jesolo.
The park offers a variety of slides, pools, and water attractions for all ages.
The park's theme is inspired by a Caribbean setting, with palm trees, white sand, and tropical decorations.
Among the park's most popular attractions are high-speed slides, wave pools, lazy rivers, and specific areas for children.
It is an ideal place to spend a fun day in summer, especially for families.
Visit the website to check the opening hours and current promotions.

Pista Azzurra

Pista Azzurra is a go-kart track located in Jesolo. It is a go-kart track that provides enthusiasts of go-karting and motorsport with the opportunity to have fun and compete on a professional track.
Since 1976, Pista Azzurra has expanded to reach a length of 1048 meters.
Over the years, it has hosted numerous prestigious events, including the Junior World Championships, Italian Championships, and Opens, with participation from internationally renowned drivers such as Hamilton and Rosberg.
The facility offers high-performance karts available for rent, catering to both beginners and experienced drivers.
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Tropicarium Park Jesolo

Tropicarium Park

Il Tropicarium Park di Jesolo offers visitors a rich heritage of educational-scientific resources to explore the world of animals along its entire path. In the Tropicarium section of the park, guests can admire turtles, geckos, amphibians, iguanas, Magellanic penguins, butterflies, snakes, and lizards.
The Aquarium section features a variety of fish from around the world, some with vibrant colors and others potentially dangerous to humans.
In the Predators Section, you can observe up close large predators such as sharks and crocodiles.
For more information, visit

Sand Nativity Jesolo

Sand Nativity Jesolo

Since 2002, the city of Jesolo has been celebrating the magic of Christmas with a work of great charm and fascination: Jesolo Sand Nativity, the sand nativity scene.
Every year, for its creation, some of the best sand sculptors internationally are involved, true masters in bringing to life the authentic Christmas spirit through an art that evokes childhood memories in visitors.
Each edition is dedicated to a theme of contemporary society and, since 2004, is also accompanied by a solidarity initiative.
To date, the generosity of visitors has contributed over 900 thousand euros to humanitarian projects worldwide.
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Laguna di Venezia

Laguna di Venezia

Jesolo Lido borders Laguna di Venezia, a vast area of brackish water separated from the Adriatic Sea by a long strip of land called Lido di Venezia. The lagoon is a unique and delicate ecosystem, characterized by a series of islands, canals, marshes, and inlets. Laguna di Venezia offers numerous interesting activities.
Here are some things you can do starting from Jesolo to visit the lagoon of Venice:
Visit to the Islands:
Explore the different islands of the lagoon, such as Murano (famous for glass), Burano (with its colorful houses), and Torcello (rich in history).
Each island has its own atmosphere and unique attractions. Vaporetto Tour:
Use vaporettos (public water transport) to move between the various islands and admire the lagoon landscape.
Boat Tour:
Book a private boat tour to explore the lagoon in a more personalized way, with the opportunity to stop at less touristy spots.
Visit Marshes and Nature Reserves:
Join ecological tours to explore the marshes and nature reserves of the lagoon, enjoying the unique flora and fauna.
Visit Venice:
In addition to the lagoon, explore the city of Venice with its famous landmarks like Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, and St. Mark's Basilica.

Jesolo: la Spiaggia d'Oro di Venezia

Jesolo: The Golden Beach of Venice

Explore its beach with 15 km of golden sand, nestled amidst the charming shaded pine forest.
With a sea gently sloping and water that does not exceed 50/80 centimeters in depth for several meters from the shore, makes this destination an ideal environment for children's games.
The perfect combination of relaxation and fun materializes here, where state-of-the-art surveillance and rescue service ensures safety along the entire coastline.
Well-equipped beach resorts not only welcome visitors warmly but also offer a wide range of entertainment to satisfy every desire.
Jesolo Lido beach in Venice has been awarded the prestigious "Blue Flag," a recognition attesting to the quality of bathing water, beach cleanliness, and the efficiency of services, harmoniously maintaining the balance between tourism and respect for the surrounding environment.
A place where natural beauty merges with environmental care, creating an unforgettable beach experience.
Plan your vacation in Jesolo Lido, where tradition blends with modernity.

Jesolo by Night

Jesolo by Night: Endless Fun

The nightlife of Jesolo unfolds as an endless panorama of clubs and meeting places, ready to welcome anyone seeking excitement in a lively setting.
Elegant nightclubs with the best international DJs, music pubs that stay open until the early hours, and a series of on-the-road events, including live concerts, shows, and animations.
Among the highlights of the nightlife is the famous nightclub "Il Muretto®," chosen by some of the world's greatest DJs and producers, including Chemical Brothers, Moby, Fatboy Slim, Bob Sinclar, and Cassius, to present their latest hits to the Italian audience.
But Jesolo's night scene is not limited to nightclubs; there are also "on the beach" nightclubs that offer a unique experience, enveloped in the magic of the sea and sand.
And let's not forget the amusement park, which extends over an area of over 20,000 square meters and includes refreshment areas. Connected by a convenient free shuttle service departing from the main squares of Jesolo every thirty minutes, the Luna Park offers rides of all kinds, including water games, to satisfy both adults and the younger ones.
A night in Jesolo is a vibrant and unforgettable experience that combines fun and entertainment in a unique setting on the coast.