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Report 2024
Apartment Rental Prices in Jesolo Lido

The real estate agencies operating on our portal manage over 500 apartments in Jesolo Lido.
Thanks to our management system, we are able to easily analyze the price trends of properties over the last ten years in this location.
The analysis highlighted that the prices of the apartments are mainly influenced by two factors: the season and the type of property.
Despite the peculiar geographical configuration of Jesolo Lido, which extends along a thin strip of land parallel to the coast, the "zone" variable seems to have a lesser impact on prices during the high season.
For our study, we selected a specific post-pandemic period and considered four different types of apartments.
This choice has allowed us to focus on how seasonal and typological variables significantly influence the real estate market in this renowned seaside resort.
  • 1. Beachfront houses and apartments in Jesolo in the area between Piazza Brescia and Piazza Nember
    This category includes apartments that have a terrace directly overlooking the beach without any obstacles, they are certainly among the most expensive but stepping out onto the terrace and facing the sea is very rewarding.
  • 2. Apartments in residences with pools in Jesolo
    An apartment with a pool is especially appreciated by families with children, indeed, there are often pools specifically designed for young children.
  • 3. Apartments and holiday homes with two or more bedrooms
    They are the most common type in Jesolo and also one of the most requested, generally offering up to 6 beds with one or sometimes two bathrooms.
  • 4. Privately rented apartments
    We do not have official statistics as private owners do not use software to manage the apartment, however, they generally demand the "market price", only making compromises during the low season. If a private individual contacted perhaps via a social platform offers you "exclusive" prices, it is a sign to be cautious, in this case follow our recommendations written here.
Apartments facing or overlooking the sea
June July August
2024 803 € 1105 € 1207 €
2023 755 € 1202 € 1411 €
2022 721 € 1081 € 1307 €
2021 692 € 972 € 1197 €
Apartments in residence with swimming pool
June July August
2024 900 € 1236 € 1348 €
2023 822 € 1279 € 1490 €
2022 812 € 1234 € 1440 €
2021 823 € 1176 € 1373 €
Apartments with two or more bedrooms
June July August
2024 817 € 1113 € 1317 €
2023 617 € 968 € 1206 €
2022 609 € 919 € 1173 €
2021 590 € 874 € 1090 €

Between 2021 and 2024, we observed a generalized increase in prices, ranging between 10% and 15%. However, this rise was not uniformly seen across all months or for all types of apartments.
It is notable that the most significant increases were recorded during the low season, with a peak in June.
Interestingly, luxury apartments, highly sought after during peak seasons, did not show an increase in prices.
In fact, in some cases, there were even price reductions.
This phenomenon suggests a market dynamic influenced more by seasonality than by the market segment.
The study does not take into account the prestige of the property but only its main characteristics,
The findings concern the average of the two central weeks of the months under review.


Spiaggia di jesolo certificata bandiera blu

Certified Blue Flag Unspoiled Beaches.

Jesolo Lido boasts some of the most pristine beaches on the Adriatic coast. Its expansive stretches of golden sand and crystal-clear waters have been awarded the prestigious 'Blue Flag' an international recognition for the cleanliness and safety of the beaches.

Venezia è vicina a Jesolo

Proximity to Venice and Cultural Attractions

Explore one of the most fascinating and iconic cities in the world. With a short boat ride or drive, you can immerse yourself in the unique art, architecture, and history of Venice. Additionally, Jesolo Lido offers a vibrant atmosphere and numerous local cultural attractions, including museums, events, and performances.


Entertainment Offer and Recreational Activities.

Jesolo Lido is a vibrant entertainment hub. Family-friendly attractions, such as amusement and water parks, and a lively nightlife with trendy bars and clubs. The variety of entertainment options makes Jesolo Lido an ideal destination for families, couples, and friends seeking adventure and fun during their holidays.